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Virginia Medicare Plans

Original Medicare in Virginia can leave many beneficiaries with out-of-pocket costs. This is why many choose to enroll in a Supplement and a Part D prescription drug plan. Some people choose Advantage plans if they need additional vision and dental coverage. With so many options for coverage it can hard to determine the best fit. Working with a Medicare agent can ensure you get the best coverage at a price within your budget. 

Virginia Medicare plans open enrollment

Open enrollment in Virginia begins at 65. The enrollment period starts three months prior to your birthday and continues for the three months following your birthday. AT this time it is also best to enroll in a Supplement as you cannot be declined based on your current health. 

While you can enroll in a Supplement at any time during the year, you will be required to complete a health survey and can be denied coverage based on your pre-existing health conditions. 

Medigap Plans

The Medicare plans in Virginia are best when combined with a Supplement. Original Medicare leaves behind coinsurance and deductible costs. You may have additional costs as Original Medicare only covers about 80% of outpatient costs. 

A Supplement can put a cap on out-of-pocket spending. Another benefit is you can see any doctor that accepts Medicare. 

There are ten standardized plans lettered A-N. Similarly, lettered plans offer similar cover, the only difference being the cost. It is so important to compare and shop the best plan for your healthcare needs and your budget. We offer a service to assist you with this process that free!

If you were enrolled in Medigap plans C or F before  2019, you could remain enrolled in those plans; however, new beneficiaries cannot enroll in those two plans. 

Medicare Advantage Plans

Virginia has 34 Advantage plans you may also choose to enroll in. These plans are private insurance plans that offer additional benefits beyond the Original Medicare benefits. These plans, also called Part C plans, provide coverage for vision, dental and prescription drugs. 

January 1st -March 31st is the enrollment period for Advanatge plan beneficiaries to make changes to their plans or to enroll in Original Medicare if they choose. 

Medicare Part D

Part D plans provide prescription drug coverage. There are 27 plan options in Virginia. Original Medicare and Supplements do not cover prescription drugs, so Part D plans are popular among beneficiaries. If you’re concerned about the out-of-pocket expenses at the pharmacy, consider a Part D plan or Advantage plan that will limit those expenses. .

How we can help

Remember, all plans provide standardized coverage, and the only difference is the cost. Our Virginia licensed agents are ready to help you shop these plans to create the best combination of coverage for your needs and your budget. We offer this service at no cost to you. Reach out today and allow us to assist you through this enrollment process. 

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