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Minnesota Medicare Plans

Minnesota has some unique standardized plans. Many states have 10 plans, but Minnesota only has two. Similar to other states, Minnesota plans are best supplemented with a Supplement or additional plan.  

Minnesota Medicare plans open enrollment

The open enrollment period for new beneficiaries begins at 65. This period of initial enrollment lasts 6 months; the three months prior to your birthday and then continuing for the 3 months following your birthday. AT this time it is best to enroll in a Supplement as you cannot be declined based on your health conditions. 

While you are able to apply for a Supplement at any time throughout the year, it is best to do so during the open enrollment period to avoid having to complete a health survey with the potential to be denied coverage. 

Medigap Plans

As previously stated, there are two Supplement plans in Minnesota. There is a basic and extended plan. They have similar benefits; coinsurance for Parts A & B, basic hospice care, home health services, preventative care etc. These plans will also cover 20% of your outpatient costs for mental health and physical therapy. 

There are state required benefits for diabetic supplies, cancer screening, immunizations and some reconstructive surgery. Both plans include benefits for 100 days of skilled nursing. Among other benefits. 

There are many unique benefits to these two plans in Minnesota, so it’s best to ask a licensed Medicare agent for more specific details. 

Medicare Advantage Plans

Depending on which county you live in, there are 40 Advantage plans available. These plans are private insurance plans that offer all the basic benefits of Original Medicare and a few extras. Those extra benefits are vision, dental, and prescription drug coverage. 

Medicare Part D

There are 28 Part D plans in Minnesota. These Part D plans provide prescription drug coverage as Original Medicare and Supplements don’t include benefits for prescription drugs. If you need assistance with out-of-pocket costs at the pharmacy, you will want to enroll in an Advantage plan or a Part D plan. 

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We have Minnesota licensed Medicare agents ready to assist you with comparing and choosing the best combinations of plans to meet your healthcare and budgetary needs. We offer this service at no cost to you. Our priority is to help you find the best plan using the best service.

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