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Indiana Medicare Plans

Indiana residents can enroll in Medicare at 65. There are numerous Medicare options available and some beneficiaries are surprised by the out-of-pocket costs. There are additional Supplements that can help to lower some of the costs left behind.

Indiana Medicare plans open enrollment

Indiana residents can enroll in Medicare at 65. This enrollment period begins the three months before your birthday and continues for three months following your birthday. At this time it is also ideal to enroll in a Supplement. During this open enrollment period you cannot be denied coverage for your health. Even though you can enroll in a Supplement at any time throughout the year, you may be declined because of existing health conditions. 

Medigap Plans

Deductibles and coinsurance costs are often left behind with original Medicare. This is why many beneficiaries choose to enroll in a Supplement. A supplement limits your out-of-pocket costs and allows you to visit any doctor that accepts Medicare. 

There are 10 plans. These plans all offer standardized coverage. Lettered A-N, these plans can all have differing prices even though they may be similarly lettered. Our agents can assist you in comparing these plans to find the best fit for your healthcare and budgetary needs. 

If you are a new beneficiary you will not be able to enroll in Medigap plans C or F; however, if you were enrolled in those plans prior to 2019 you will be able to remain on those plans. 

Medicare Advantage Plans

There are 29 Advantage plans in Indiana that can vary by county. Advantage or Part C plans are private plans that offer all the benefits of original Medicare and additional benefits. These benefits include dental care, vision and prescription drug coverage. 

Medicare Part D

Original Medicare and Supplements don’t cover prescription drugs. This is why many beneficiaries choose to enroll in a Part D plan or Advantage plan that help cover out-of-pocket pharmacy costs. There are many options to choose from in Indiana. 

How we can help

Our licensed Indiana agents can help you in comparing and shopping the best healthcare policies for you. This service is offered free of charge. Remember, all plans offer standard coverage, so shopping the policies can save you money and ensure you choose the best option for your unique healthcare needs. 

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