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Do you qualify for extra coverage on Medicare costs?

At the Medicare Policy Center, we know how easy it is to get bogged down by all the Medicare ads and information you receive. That’s why we are here to help your Medicare journey be as seamless and stress-free as possible. Our website is full of resources to help you navigate the confusing world of Medicare and healthcare coverage, including a series of blog posts that breaks down some of our most asked questions like, “Do I qualify for a Medicare Savings Program?. We’ll talk you through the different parts of Medicare, what your options are and more. Medicare shouldn’t have to be difficult, find your answers today on our blog.

When you’re ready, our team of Medicare specialists is standing by to answer any questions and help you enroll in the Medicare plans that best suit your needs.  At Medicare Policy Center, we specialize in Medicare and Senior Life Insurance, and help seniors in the greater Spokane, WA area choose Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plans. Our focus is always on you, not an insurance company.  We take an education-first approach and all have a heart for service. Never call an insurance company again. Instead, let us serve you.

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