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Affordable Vision, Dental, Hearing Insurance for Seniors

There are 3 questions I get asked during every Medicare appointment

Does Medicare Cover Dental?

Does Medicare Cover Cataracts? 

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids? 

Many seniors don’t realize that Medicare doesn’t cover dental services. Vision services aren’t covered unless it is necessary for the management of a disease. With the growing cost of hearing aids, you may be wondering how to save money on hearing aids? The bad news is Medicare won’t cover those either. The good news is that there are low cost plans available to help you minimize your out of pocket exposure to get your teeth taken care of, start hearing things again, and make sure you can see. 

We will go over what Medicare covers, and what parts require supplemental coverage. The good news is supplemental coverage is extremely affordable.

Vision Hearing Dental Insurance

Medicare and dental insurance

Medicare won’t typically cover any dental work. There is a small exception to be made when you present in the ER and need a tooth to be extracted.

Does Medicare Cover my teeth cleanings? That is a great question and the answer is Medicare does not.
Does Medicare Cover fillings/cavities? It doesn’t. The best way to get preventive treatment done on your teeth is through a private dental insurance plan for seniors.

Does Medicare include vision insurance?

Typically original Medicare is not going to include coverage for routine eye exams, glasses or your contact lenses.

If you need to have surgery on your eyes to repair or remove cataracts Medicare will pay for eye exams to follow up on that procedure.

It will even pay for one pair of glasses if prescribed by an ophthalmologist after a cataract procedure. One main downside is that it only pays for one pair for your entire life. Should your vision change or if you drop your glasses and they break you would have to pay for new glasses out of your own pocket at full retail cost. some patients that are diabetic or at risk for glaucoma are able to get eye exams every year and depending on your ethnicity and age you may also qualify for additional eye exams.

 If you need to get a prosthetic eye that may be covered as well depending on your specific circumstances. While original Medicare does not cover eye exams or eye glasses many Medicare Advantage plans include vision coverage.

There are also stand-alone plans that you are able to purchase on the open market that will cover your eye exams glasses frames lenses as well as contact lenses. Some of these plans are even able to be bundled with dental insurance and hearing insurance.

How Medicare and hearing insurance coexist

Medicare does not cover hearing aids. Medicare Part B may pay for balancing tests as needed for stability issues but you must first go through your dr. If your doctor suggests you need more tests Medicare Part B can pay for some of those costs

one of the most popular options among seniors is a bundle plan called dental vision hearing coverage. They pay the costs that Medicare won’t for your additional medical needs. 

Like mentioned before a Medicare Advantage plan may include coverage for hearing aids either for no cost or a low fixed copay . 

It is best to consult a Medicare agent that is license to sell Medicare to determine what your needs are and what plans are a good fit to match those needs.

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