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Choosing a Great Medicare Plan

Many people, just like you, struggle to find the right plan. Given the sheer number of options, it is easy to make the wrong choice. That choice can be detrimental to your future health and retirement income. 

The number one way to arm yourself with the right policy is to work with a licensed Medicare Broker. They go through all options every year to filter out the plans that are right for YOU. We determine this based on your care needs, doctors, medicines you’re taking, and monthly budget. 

How do I Choose a Medicare Plan

Do not treat finding your Medicare Plan as a walk in the park. It is very important to correctly time Here are some tips to help you decide between plans: 

  • Do you want to pay a lot for more coverage, or pay less for additional gaps?
  • Do you travel? If so make sure your Medicare Advantage Plan, or Medicare Supplement Plan has coverage where you’re going. 
  • Some doctors won’t take certain advantage plans. Make sure your doctor is able to keep seeing you. 

Which Medicare Supplement Plan is best?

The simplest way to choose a Medicare Supplement Plan is to compare the monthly cost of the plan vs the coverage it provides.  The “Cadillac” policy currently is the Medicare Plan F. It takes care of everything that original Medicare doesn’t pay. 

Medicare Supplement Plan G, also referred to Medigap Plan G, is an up and coming plan. It is the Plan F’s baby brother. Providing the same coverage except for one small difference. The Part B deductible ins’t covered. As of 2020 the deductible is $194.00 

Here is what is very interesting though. The lowest cost Medicare Supplement Plan G in Washington is about $50.00 a month less than the Lowest Cost Medicare Supplement Plan F in Washington. This is interesting because consumers are paying an extra $600.00 per year to save that $194.00 deductible. It just doesn’t make sense currently to be on a plan F when a Plan G is so much more affordable in Washington. 

Medicare and Medicaid Plans

Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan

Many people like to the attractive pricing that a Medicare Advantage Plan offers. Sometimes the plan has a $0.00 premium. 

Please reach out to Medicare Policy Center to see what is available. 

Medicare Advantage Plans are attractive because they cover more than just Medicare. 

  • Dental Coverage
  • Vision Coverage
  • Gym Membership
  • At Home Meal Plans
  • Prescription Drug Coverage

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