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Arizona Medicare Plans

What we love about Arizona is that residents can sign up for either a Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Supplement Plan G or Medicare Supplement Plan F sometimes. 

Living in Arizona gives you the option to enroll in both of these plan types. 

Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment

Your open enrollment period for Medicare Supplements is the first six months you are enrolled in Part B. 

You can sign up for an Arizona Medicare Supplement Plan during this time and avoid any medical questions. You can still enroll at any time after open enrollment, but you will have to answer some health questions. 

After the end of 2019, new Medicare enrollees will no longer be able to select Medigap Plans C or F in Arizona. Beneficiaries who already have these plans will be able to keep them.

Arizona Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans are also commonly called Medicare Part C Plans. They are a way to receive your medicare benefits utilizing a private insurance company. They are required to cover what medicare covers, but many also included additional benefits. 

Medicare Part C plans in Arizona vary quite a bit in the extra benefits they offer. Some counties only offer two plans and some counties offer up to 41 plans. If you wish to check if you’re eligible to enroll in a plan, we would be happy to help. 

Medicare Part D

Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans DO NOT offer prescription drug coverage. This is a gap that could leave you in a hazardous financial situation. Part D drug plans are the answer.  There are over 20 Part D plans available in Arizona. If you don’t want to pay out-of-pocket for your prescriptions, be sure to look into Medicare Advantage or a standalone Part D plan.

How We Can Help

Work with our specialized Arizona Medicare Plan agents to find the most ideal plan for the lowest monthly cost. Our services cost you nothing. Since all Medicare Supplement Plans were standardized by Medicare the only difference from one companies Plan F to another companies Plan F is the price. Since we are brokers we work for you, not the insurance company. We will find you the best price every year.

We can help if you only need Prescription Drug Coverage. Please reach out. 

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