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Alaska Medicare Plans

Alaska Medicare plans include many Medicare Supplement Plan options, also known as Medigap; however, there is no available Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C).

In all likelihood this is due to a smaller population, distance between citizens and the number of available providers and hospital networks. 

Until Alaska has some Medicare Advantage Plans, one of your best bets for covering those gaps Medicare leaves behind is by getting an Alaska Medicare Supplement Quote. 

Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period

Open enrollment for Medicare supplements is during the first six months after Medicare Part B starts. 

Alaska Medicare supplement companies have to approve your application during open enrollment. You can have pre-existing health conditions and NOT be denied coverage. You can still apply for coverage after your open enrollment period but you will be required to pass underwriting. 

Most Popular Alaska Medicare Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans F and G are some of the most popular because of their coverage. Plan F covers the deductibles and co-insurance that Medicare leaves. As of January 1, 2020, no new Medicare enrollees will have access to Medigap Plan F or C. Fortunately for anyone born prior to 1954, they can still enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan F or C. 


Medigap Plan G is likely to become the go-to Medicare Supplement Plan. Medicare Plan G covers everything the Medicare Plan F covers, EXCEPT the Part B deductible.

Medicare Part D

Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans DO NOT offer prescription drug coverage. This is a gap that could leave you in a hazardous financial situation. Part D drug plans are the answer. Alaska has over 20 Prescription Part D Drug Plans. It’s best to speak with a licensed Alaska Medicare agent to see what options are best for you. 

How We Can Help

Work with our specialized Alaska Medicare Plan agents to find the most ideal plan for the lowest monthly cost. Our services cost you nothing. Since all Medicare Supplement Plans were standardized by Medicare the only difference from one companies Plan F to another companies Plan F is the price. Since we are brokers we work for you, not the insurance company. We will find you the best price every year.

We can help if you only need Prescription Drug Coverage. Please reach out. 

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